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My interests are

Communicator Taekwondo - I began taking Taekwondo in August 1996.   I am currently a 1st degree black belt.  I attended Chief Master Allemier's Arlington School.
Communicator Science Fiction and Fantasy - Some of my favorite authors are Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon, Christopher Stasheff, Piers Anthony and Gordon Dickson. I used to attend the World Science Fiction Convention every Labor Day weekend but school starts in Texas in early August and both of my children are now in school. I belong to the Science Fiction Book Club, one of my worst vices.
Communicator Renaissance Festivals - I go to Scarborough Faire regularly and usually have a season pass so I can attend many times.  I enjoy the fantasy, the camaraderie,the entertainment, the costumes, and especially the shopping.  My kids eagerly await its opening every year.
Communicator Collecting Glass - I have a fair sized collection of glass figures (Dragons and other mythical creatures, Wizards, Animals, Flowers, Aquatic life, Ships). I also collect blown glass by Peter Andres and Chris Chapman. Those consist of drinking glasses, pitchers, vases and a cobalt blue fish.  It has become tradition for my children to give me glass by Andres and Chapman every year for mother's day.
Communicator Collecting Blue Jasper Wedgwood plates with places on them -  I have the London City Crest, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge,  Windsor Castle and  Trafalgar Square (on a box).   I've also been to all of those places.  My husband brought me a plate with houses that says Amsterdam,  one with a Windmill that says Holland from the Netherlands and one with the Petronis Towers from Malaysia.  I also have two small Christmas plates, one Christmas Ornament, a Grecian plate, a light green Grecian vase and a dark green Grecian box.   I also have severl from the Cornucopia pattern, especially the ones with a unicorn.
Communicator Computers - I first met a TTY (that's an old style terminal that uses a roll of paper instead of a CRT and has a paper tape reader) when I was in elementary school.  I started learning Basic in high school where I spent all my free time in the computer room.  You can probably guess what my degree is in.  I have programmed in Compass, Z80, 6500, Fortran, Pascal, Perl, C/C++, Power Builder, Java, Birt and Visual Basic.   
Communicator Star Trek - I faithfully watched both Deep Space Nine and Voyager. I watched the Original Star Trek when it first aired and my daughter grew up watching Next Generation with us (she is now also a Trekker).   I now watch Enterprise.  My single most favorite character from each series is Spock, Data, Odo and "The Doctor".   Archer is my favorite in Enterprise, probably because I was a big fan of Quantuum Leap.   I love all five series but do tend to have more favorite DS9 episodes than any other.

Deep Space 9  

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