Star Trek the Experience
the scenic route there and back


Day1 Arlington to Tucumcari (465 miles)

Day 2



Tucomcari to Grand Canyon (582 miles) Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest
Day 3 Grand Canyon to Las Vegas (276 miles) Grand Canyon, Route 66 and Hoover Dam
Day 4 Las Vegas Star Trek the Experience
Day 5 Las Vegas The Strip
Day 6 Las Vegas to Phoenix (288 miles)

London Bridge and Parker Dam

Day 7 Phoenix Botanical Gardens and Pueblo Grande
Day 8 Phoenix Departure delayed because car was broken into
Day 9 Phoenix to Alamogordo (455 miles)

Colossal Caves

Day 10 Alamogordo to Pecos (292 miles)

Carlsbad Caverns



Day 11 Pecos to San Antonio (365 miles)
Day 12 San Antonio Sea World
Day 13 San Antonio to Arlington (270 miles)


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