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Sharing a snack with Pepper I'm Sunny, a cockatiel, and I share my home with some budgerigars (commonly called parakeets or budgies).  Both cockatiels and budgies originally hail from Australia but have been bred by people for so long that we are considered domesticated.
Pepper was the first and was a male green budgie.   He moved in in 1996, a year before I did.  My little master was 4 then.  He was off shopping for chickens with his grandfather and desperately wanted one.  Finally my mistress approached my master and they took him over to a cage full of parakeets.   He was asked if he wanted a green chicken or a blue chicken and picked green.   Pepper was their first bird and they learned an important lesson - know who you are buying from.  Pepper had mites which caused his beak to grow incorrectly. By the time he finally saw a vet and had the mites cured it was permanently deformed.  Pepper was very afraid of humans.   He was ok around me though and during the occasional times he got let out he tries to stay near the area where I am.  In the picture of us above he was trying millet for the very first time, he had always ignored it before.   Pepper
Chilly Chilly was the second budgie and moved in when she was still a baby in 1998.   She is blue.  She will stand on a human's finger and step from one finger to another but hasn't learned how to sit on a shoulder or understand what a pleasure it is to get your neck scratched.  She also belongs to my little master and lived with Pepper.  Chilly doesn't like me or Deli  so she and Pepper moved to my little master's room.  They were very happy together for several years, until Pepper died in October 2000.

After Pepper died Chilly pined for several weeks.  My master and mistress were very worried about her and watched her carefully to be sure she wasn't sick.  Finally my mistress and my little master went out and bought a new male budgie to keep Chilly company.  That also bought another bird at the same time, Jade,  he is a Quaker and my mistress let him have his own page.

The new budgie was name Con Queso.   For some reason my mistress and little master insist on having names go together.  The first two budgies were Chilly Pepper so the current two are Chilly Con Queso.   The other cockatiel is Delight, making us Sunny Delight.

 I've never meet Con Queso, he went straight to my little master's room, but I've heard them talk about him.   He was nicknamed Houdini because he kept getting out of the small parakeet cage that they used to introduce him to Chilly with.  Now he is in the big cage with Chilly.  Little master has seen him try to open the door with his beak, but it seems to be too heavy for him.  Chilly seems happy with Con Queso, even though he doesn't listen to her as well as Pepper did.  

Con Queso

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