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It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Sunny died on March 21, 2002 of kidney failure.  The vet believes it was a congenital problem.  He is greatly missed, especially by Deli.  I will leave this page online as a tribute.

On August 11, 2006 Deli joined Sunny.  Her passing was quick and believed to be of old age.  Lutino Cockatiels have a shorter lifespan than normal colored cockatiels.  We buried her next to Sunny


My name is Sunrise and I am a male gray pied pearl cockatiel. My mistress thinks I am the most beautiful cockatiel she has ever seen. I am the chief  bird around here and I like making sure that everyone knows it. I love to chew on paper and chains. I chewed through one of my mistress's necklaces once so she doesn't wear them around me anymore.  I also like to groom my mistress and master, trying to remove anything I don't think belongs there. When I'm nice they will scratch me on the back of my neck and side of my head. When I want to be scratched I bump my head against their hands. My favorite places to sit are on top cages, on the back of the chair next to the computer and the back of the couch.  I like to share my mistress' dinner with her from her shoulder while she eats. Watch the birdie!
I was a lego maniac when I was a baby.
My mistress thought I might get lonely while they were gone during the day.  I used to talk to Pepper, but he ignores me since Chilly came along.   One day they brought home a friend for me named Delight.  They thought she was a boy but we knew better!
The happy couple
Now we go everywhere together.  I don't like it when Deli is out of my sight.  I usually don't like for anyone but my mistress to hold me, unless they're holding Deli.  We come as a set.  We have big plans, but don't tell my master and mistress that!

Where are our presents?

 My Genealogy



Zak - Gray male- 12 Mar 1994

Candy - Lutino female - 27 Nov 1994

Shorty - Lutino Pearl male - 9 Jul 1995

Humbug - Gray Pearl female - 2 Nov 1995

Sunrise - Grey Pied Pearl - 23 Dec 1996

Dangerous Things

My mistress read about a young cockatiel named Zazu who was accidentally poisoned. Because she does not want this to happen to me or any other bird this space is dedicated to the memory of Zazu and all other pet birds who shared his fate. 

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