Evolution of my Crabitats


Kritter Keeper

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Used for the teenies when we first got them, it was later used as an isolation tank for new, injured or molting crabs.  The multicolored castle and troll came from the aquarium dept.  Shells were used for food and water.

10 Gal Tank

10 Gal Crabitat
Our first crabitat.  Decorations consisted of a silk plant attached to a piece of wood, a plastic ground plant, a water dish with a silk plant insert, cholla wood, and a leaf shaped food dish.  The substrate was playsand, like used in sandboxes.  Extra shells were provided.  Other than the shells, everything came from the reptile dept.. 

20 Gal long

Besides what was in the 10 gal tank, it contained a cactus root, a piece of wood from our fish keeping days, an additional water dish for brackish water, and a castle from the aquarium dept.  The white sand is calci-sand (CaCO4),  the crabs eventually covered it with the playsand. 



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