Butterfly Wings


The back side of a morpho's wings has a distinctive pattern of "eyes",  This is the view you would have when the butterfly is sitting with it's wings closed,

Morpho Achillaena Morpho Godarti

Many members of the Morpho family have iridescent wings.  The scales on their wings are layered with the reflecting scales being particularly thin and transparent lamellas. The colors you see on the butterfly's wing is the color that is being reflected by the scales.  Different colors have different wavelengths so the angle at which the light hits the wing and is then reflected to your eye will change the color you see.  Blue morphos will appear light blue to green.  Some Morphos, like m.Godarti, have wing scales so thin that they are transparent from certain angles.  On these butterfiies the "eyes" are then visible through the wings.

reflecting and non-reflecting scales the reflecting scales have a finer structure the reflecting scales are the ones on the right At the edge of the wings  the scales are more than two times as long as the ones in the middle. of the wings  the scales are more than two times as long as the ones in the middle. At some angles
Butterfly scale pictures from
Think Quest: Butterflies on the Wings of Freedom
Shapes of scales
Why do some wings idesce




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Common Morpho Chrysalis

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